Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Dave Sim's blogandmail #22 (October 3rd, 2006)

This Week's Blog & Mail has been brought to you by
Individual Cerebus Trade Paperbacks
"A classic play on the relationship between creator and creation"
Why is that in quotes? Because I just said it.
Just now, just before I typed it. Or, actually, I just said
it in my head. But it's true.
Ask anybody. It's a really good stand-alone
Available in many fine comic-book stores or
Online at www.followingcerebus.com
Tell Craig "Quotation Marks" Guy sent you

Okay, that brings us to the end of another week. A week's worth of reading for you that took part of Tuesday and all of Wednesday to produce and then today, I actually got caught up on the mail which mostly involved printing out Blog & Mail entries and mailing them to the respective victims…er, subjects. And now, at least theoretically, I have Friday and Saturday and Monday to work on the Collected Letters 2 cover (starting with the third teenaged girl who is still in pencil from when I last got to work on the cover two days ago) and, um, another project that I'm not talking about yet. As well as starting on sorting and storing the metric tonne of photographic film (negatives) that arrived on Tuesday and which is now cluttering up all of the library and Ger's old studio which (however briefly) were at last cleared after I got the Cerebus Archive done. So, here we go again. Same policy. We're going to have a Negative Sorting Day each week until we finally get sick of the mess and go full time just to get it done.

But right now, I'm heading down to Now & Then Books. Our comp copies of Following Cerebus 9 haven't come in and, evidently, it landed yesterday (that is, September 20). So I'm actually going to use up some of my store credit buying one. But I can't do that until I finish this last Blog & Mail entry. So, goodbye `til "tomorrow" (or tomorrow, depending on how you look at it).

I forget what this week's Blog & Mail
was brought to you by.
Whatever it was, I've run out of
Funny things to say about it.
Didn't you read the last
Paragraph up there?
I'm on my way to Now & Then Books
The Oldest Comic Book Store in North America
In Continuous Operation since 1971
90 Queen Street South in Kitchener
"Your Cerebus Back Issue Headquarters"
call 519.744.5571 and tell Dave
that Dave sent you
There. One Last Ad this week.
Are you
happy now?


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