Sunday, November 26, 2006

Dave Sim's blogandmail #76 (November 26th, 2006)

Scripture at the Registry Theatre

Continues in January, 2007

At the Registry Theatre, corner of Frederick (122 Frederick) and Weber in downtown Kitchener

Joshua 1-24 (January 7, 2007)

Judges 1-21 (January 21, 2007)

First Samuel 1-25 (January 28, 2007)

All 1 pm start times Admission Free

all donations to the Food Bank of Waterloo Region

gratefully accepted

Continuing with some of my favourite passages from The Torah, over the next few weeks, I'm going to be serializing Balaam's parables from The Fourth Book of Moshe chapters 23 and 24:

And God met Balaam, and he said vnto him, I haue prepared seuen altars, and I have offered vpon altar a bullocke and a ramme. And the YHWH put a word in Balaam's mouth, and said, Returne vnto Balak, & thus shalt thou speake. And he returned vnto him, and loe, he stood by his burnt sacrifice, hee, and all the Princes of Moab. And he tooke vp his parable, and said, Balak the King of Moab hath brought mee from Aram, out of the mountaines of the East, Come, curse me Iacob, and come, defie Israel.

How shall I curse, God hath not cursed? or how shall I defie, the YHWH hath not defied? For from the top of the rockes I see him, and from the hilles I behold him: loe the people shall dwell alone, and shall not bee reckoned among the nations. Who can count the dust of Iacob, and the number of the fourth part of Israel? Let my soule die the death of the righteous and let my last end be like his.

And Balak saide vnto Balaam, What hast thou done vnto me? I tooke thee to curse mine enemies, and behold, thou hast blessed them altogether.

And he answered, and said, Must I not take heede to speake that which the YHWH hath put in my mouth?

2-DVD Sets of me reading The Pentateuch

The 50 chapters of The First Book of Moshe (aka Genesis)

The 40 chapters of The Second Book of Moshe (aka Exodus)

The 27 chapters of The Third Book of Moshe (aka Leviticus)

The 36 chapters of The Fourth Book of Moshe (aka Numbers)

The 40 chapters of the Fifth Book of Moshe (aka Deuteronomy)

Are available from Trevor Grace at

All profits from sales are donated to the Food Bank of Waterloo Region

Thank you for supporting the poor of Waterloo Region


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