Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Dave Sim's blogandmail #121 (January 10th, 2007)


Which Yahoo was it who used to write song lyric parodies?

I'm coming up empty. Who has a parody song lyric for "Cerebus Starooo Seventy" that the retailers won't be able to get out of their minds for weeks on end?

Hey! An easy one!

Dear Mr. Sim,

Perhaps you remember me. We have corresponded a few times. My name is Iann Robinson. My partner Brian Smith and I own Isolation Disorder Press out of Boston. I recently acquired this Spawn issue featuring your work and I was curious if you could sign it for me and send it back. I have enclosed the book and an envelope to return it in. Feel free to personalize it so you're sure I'm not selling it. Thank you.

That's true. You'd really have to shop around to find another "Iann" who wanted an autographed Spawn 10. Alas, when I saw what was in the package I was so overcome with a fit of rage and jealousy over Todd McFarlane's astronomical level of success ("Mark McGwire's balls should have been MINE!" I screamed) and his unconscionable treatment of Neil Gaiman that I tore the thing to absolute shreds, plastic bag, bagging board and all. Having now calmed down I have autographed this largish fragment which I believe is Cerebus' foot from the front cover and every scrap I was able to salvage from the studio garbage pail and return them to you now with abject apologies.

No, seriously, if anyone wants a comic book autographed and you're sending it from the States, American postage doesn't work in Canada (sorry, but I mean "duh" guys). What you can do is send an International Reply Coupon—they sell them at the post office—with a face value of $2 and then I can use that to buy Canadian postage (as well as pocketing 22 cents as price-gouging graft for my time and trouble). That's for a standard comic book plus backing board plus plastic bag. Or you can just throw a couple of US singles in with the package and trust me that they don't just, you know, disappear.

My latest letter to Romero Burruel came back "not deliverable as addressed" which seems to be an on-going curse which I attribute to the foolish decision to phone him that one time. Now the ether won't let me do anything else. Oh, well, if he reads the Blog & Mail he already read it. Or maybe someone else in Philly near 4404 Walnut Street can let him know by tracking him down in meatspace.

The nice folks at Fantagraphics are also still sending me The Comics Journal. So let's have a closer look at it tomorrow, shall we? Issue 279 for those of you who want to read along at home.





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