Friday, December 21, 2007

Dave Sim's blogandmail #466 (December 21st, 2007)


Fifteen Impossible Things to Believe Before Breakfast That Make You a Good Feminist

1. A mother who works a full-time job and delegates to strangers the raising of her children eight hours a day, five days a week does just as good a job as a mother who hand-rears her children full time.

2. It makes great sense for the government to pay 10 to 15,000 dollars a year to fund a daycare space for a child so its mother - who pays perhaps 2,000 dollars in taxes - can be a contributing member of society.

3. A woman's doctor has more of a valid claim to participate in the decision to abort a fetus than does the father of that fetus.

4. So long as a woman makes a decision after consulting with her doctor, she is incapable of making an unethical choice.

5. A car with two steering wheels, two gas pedals and two brakes drives more efficiently than a car with one steering wheel, one gas pedal and one brake which is why marriage should always be an equal partnership.

6. It is absolutely necessary for women to be allowed to join or participate fully in any gathering place for men, just as it is absolutely necessary that there be women only environments from which men are excluded.

7. Because it involves taking jobs away from men and giving them to women, affirmative action makes for a fairer and more just society.

8. It is important to have lower physical standards for women firepersons and women policepersons so that, one day, half of all firepersons and policepersons will be women, thus more effectively protecting the safety of the public.

9. Affirmative action at colleges and universities needs to be maintained now that more women than men are being enrolled, in order to keep from giving men an unfair advantage academically.

10. Having ensured that there is no environment for men where women don't belong (see no.6) it is important to have zero tolerance of any expression or action which any woman might regard as sexist to ensure greater freedom for everyone.

11. Only in a society which maintains a level of 95% of alimony and child support being paid by men to women can men and women be considered as equals.

12. An airline stewardess who earned $20,000 a year at the time that she married a baseball player earning $6 million a year is entitled, in the event of a divorce, to $3 million for each year of the marriage and probably more.

13. A man's opinions on how to rear and/or raise a child are invalid because he is not the child's mother. However, his financial obligation is greater because no woman gets pregnant by herself.

14. Disagreeing with any of these statements makes you anti-woman and/or a misogynist.

15. Legislature Seats must be allocated to women and women must be allowed to bypass the democratic winnowing process in order to guarantee female representation and, thereby, make democracy fairer.


The World's Shortest Blog & Mail Entries

EVER as Secret Project #2 Comes to the Direct


Actually, my day started at midnight today (still December 10). I had gone to sleep early for the Sabbath – around 9:30 – and snapped awake at a few minutes to midnight. I got up and read aloud from the Koran until the clock turned over 12:01 and then went upstairs. My "fax machine sense" was tingling.

Sure enough, there was a fax from Rick Sharer with his latest "Form & Void" column he's been doing bi-weekly at the new on Reads. I wrote to tell him that I don't think he's doing me any great favours by just quoting the most provocative parts of Reads (although I tend to get indicted for that as well – disagreeing with people who are ostensibly trying to agree with me) and encouraged him to actually cite some examples of his own if he agrees with me rather than just quoting me. I think the net effect tends to be the same in that case. Because he's just quoting me the Marxist-feminists can just write him off and maintain the illusion that "only Dave Sim agrees with any of this stuff".

It was a very difficult fax to write because Rick's certainly doing a lot more than a lot of people have done. Virtually everyone else has hung me out to dry and opted to at least to appear to agree with Marxist-feminism 100% all down the line. Which is their choice, but it does mean that the Impossible Things are proliferating and being imposed without even a whimper of opposition. The silence having been perfectly (and, in my case, literally) deafening for the last thirteen years, I have a pretty good sense of nuance when it comes to these things. I know "damning with faint praise" when I read it and I know when someone is only appearing to back me up while still maintaining a solid and discreet distance from what I'm saying.

Rick's next column would have come out December 17 and the next one after that New Year's Eve. Read it "Form & Void" for yourself and see if you think he is actually agreeing with me and supporting me or if he's playing it safe.

Anyway, it took me an hour-and-a-half to write back what I had to say (blowing my nose every 30 seconds) and I was back in bed and asleep by 1:30 am and didn't wake up until 3:45 when my "newspaper sense" was tingling and telling me the National Post had arrived.

Due to Dave Sim's recent computer difficulties, the December 25th blog&mail will be the last for the foreseeable future.

Announcements concerning Secret Project II and other events will be made as soon as possible.


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