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Dave Sim's blogandmail #57 (November 7th, 2006)



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12 Midnight Finishing off the Salt Lake City trip:


Finding a copy of Cormac McCarthy's No Country for Old Men in the bookstore at Pearson Airport. Cormac McCarthy languished in obscurity and abject poverty for years mostly because of his complete unwillingness to capitulate to The Way The Game is Played. If D.B. Little hadn't sent me Blood Meridian I doubt that I would ever have heard tell of him. And then, just in the last year, I saw a write-up on him in Vanity Fair, heard from Peter Straub that he's suddenly being talked about everywhere and found a copy of his damn book in an airport bookshop. It is this series of complete unlikelihoods that leads me to believe that there is at least a chance that the Pariah King of Comics will not always be the Pariah King of Comics, however unlikely that chance might be.

Finding out that Mimi used to work for Robert Redford. She had very little contact with him, she was just there to do basic receptionist style stuff. She did tell me the story of how the other receptionist had come in twenty minutes early for her shift this one time and had told Mimi—oh, go ahead. It's only twenty minutes. And Mimi, even though she knew she shouldn't, ended up capitulating and going and getting her skies and rushing out to the ski lift. And just as the lift was taking off, she heard a sudden familiar voice behind her: "I'm certainly glad to see that my employees are finding time to get some skiing in around here." She also told me other stories about other famous people at Sundance, but they're her stories, so I'll let her tell them if you ask her nicely (since she isn't going to tell you about the movie that she's in or what her line of dialogue was).

Getting to see Matt Dow's original Boner the Runt Dog strips from high school and reading one of the lines of dialogue out loud and cracking Gerhard up. Now, I have to get the exact line of dialogue from Matt so I can include it in the film script. It's just that funny. Oh, and I had sent the script to Matt and Paula and he hadn't said anything about it (which I took to mean that he hadn't liked it) until we were driving back from Snowbird and pulling into the Cottonwood Mall when he mentioned that he had read the script and that he had really liked it. He thought it was very funny. So, considering that I wrote it in July and I still haven't heard anything about it from Hollywood that was very good news indeed for the Pariah King of Comics.

Meeting Jason Trimmer's friend Matt and his new wife Julie. They had been planning their wedding last year and Jason had been praying that they picked any other day besides October 1st -- the day of the signing for Ye Bookes of Cerebus at the Quick Centre in St. Bonaventure. So guess which day they picked (Julie wanted a date she thought Matt would be able to remember). So Jason missed the nuptials but, as fate would have it, Matt and Julie had recently moved to the Salt Lake City area, so Jason was able to include meeting Julie for the first time as part of his trip out to see Ye Bookes of Cerebus at The City Library. Amazing but true coincidence!

And overall, considering that we had a very small turnout at both signings and I had to pull the plug on The Last Day reading with a half hour to go and only two or three people heard the end of it, it was a pretty enjoyable trip. And this Sunday I can read the first half of Deuteronomy to an empty theatre.

Life just gets better and better for the Pariah King of Comics.

Okay. I've gotta get some sleep. See you all tomorrow when we take a look at what (if anything) came in the mail while I was gone.





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