Sunday, December 23, 2007

Dave Sim's blogandmail #468 (December 23rd, 2007)


I think the thing that really tipped me over the edge into making Secret Project #2 a "Go" was long-time CEREBUS reader, Robert Rowe of Reseda California volunteering to buy 100 copies of the first issue of Secret Project #2 just so it would come out. Okay, it's not much to go on but between Robert's 100 copies and Ralph's 250 copies, I figured "What the heck, if they can go a little crazy, why can't I?"

I phoned Robert and asked if it was okay to use his name in publicizing the book and he left a message saying "Sure." He wanted people know that he's not a retailer, just a reader, so I'm letting you all know right here.

Legally, I can't offer anyone a better discount than I offer Diamond (between 60% and 65% off depending on whether I can get the retailers an extra 5 points each on the first issue. The final decision is up to Bill Schanes and the guys in Purchasing), however in order to avoid any bruised retailer feelings (Robert does plan to resell them and the retailers are naturally sensitive about amateurs encroaching on their territory), I'll only be able to offer him 30% off the cover price of $3 which is really an "entry level" retailer sized discount. So, that's $2.10 each.

If anyone else who isn't a retailer feels like going a little crazy, the offer is on the table.

And if you're feeling a little giddy (hey, it's probably just the Christmas Spirit!) about Secret Project #2 coming out, you might want to post a thank you to Robert at the Yahoo Discussion Group. It might not have happened without the opportune arrival of his Christmas card.


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