Monday, September 18, 2006

Dave Sim's blogandmail #6 (September 18th, 2006)

Just did an interview LIVE! WITH INDIE SPINNER RACK.COM not twenty minutes ago and it's going to be available for your dining and dancing pleasure (what is it with you Yahoos dining and dancing to my interviews?) at twenty minutes from now or maybe later this week owing to a, um, wardrobe malfunction. Yeah, that was it. There was a wardrobe malfunction but that's the only reason it isn't available right this minute. SERIOUSLY! That's as close as you can get to a real-time event in the comic book field! I swear! You can tell by all the exclamation marks I'm using!! What? Okay, okay. So your Uber-Yahoo Dave**t sense is tingling. The interview was actrually done August 30th at around 6 PM with co-hosts "Charlie" and "Mr. Phil" (which just begs for those quotation marks if not a full scale police investigation in the Bronx where they are located). But it could have been done today! I mean, I haven't changed my mind about anything I said in the last two weeks and I even comment on how weird it is to have all the kids back at school and the days getting shorter and the world series starting in a couple of weeks (actually I just did it and forgot to mention any of those things. D'OH!). So it was actually the first instance of time travel in an on-line interview. Now that I think of it, I should've checked the Lotto numbers while I was up there two weeks from now. D'OH AGAIN!


Today's Blog & Mail is brought to you by Gun Fu: Showgirls are Forever

Whoa. You mean Dave Sim co-wrote a comic book with Howard Shum and I missed it?

Strangely enough very few people check the Image Comics listings to see if Dave Sim has written anything lately & that seemed to have happened a lot last December when
Image solicited for Howard Shum's Gun Fu One-Shot Showgirls Are Forever.

Fortunately, this month Diamond Previews has again listed it, this time under the Aardvark-Vanaheim heading. Don't miss out twice in the same century!

Gun Fu: Showgirls are Forever

Actually, I just did some artwork as well for Howard's indy film The Secret Life of Comic Book Artists which he's hoping to have finished in time to submit to the Sundance Festival this year. It's a dream sequence that takes place in a mall where Howard's character has gone with a female comic-book artist. The actress is quite a looker and Howard admitted over the phone he should have probably written a larger part for her. "I really think she has a future in this business." Her name is Anna Lynne and she plays Natasha. Howard used a couple of my suggestions in his script which I was pretty happy about.


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