Thursday, April 12, 2007

Dave Sim's blogandmail #212 ADDENDUM: "Effing Magnifier"

Sent this as part of a fax to Dave today:

4) This is the funny one:) There seems to be a little
misunderstanding concerning the "Effing Magnifier" phrase as it
applies to Jeff Seiler's project. The nickname applies to Jeff
Seiler, not to you. At SPACE 2005 we met up with a young woman who
was crying over her boyfriend. She had gotten leave from the
military and spent all her money on a bus trip from, I think,
Illinois -- only to be blown off by her boyfriend who had apparently
moved on. She was at the hotel because that's where said boyfriend
worked. So, Jeff Seiler befriended her, apparently because he likes
short blonde girls with double jointed knees -- hey, who doesn't?
Anyway, we (Jeff, me, Margaret, Matt Dow and Paula) became
responsible for this "lost soul" and our morning turned into an
effort to raise money for her return trip bus ticket, and Matt Dow
ended up giving her a ride part way home on the way back to
Minnesota. During this time I turned to Seiler and, in joking
fashion, called him a "f#@%ing magnifier" because, obviously, we
were all in super geeked out Cerebus mode.

Amusingly (to me anyway) your post from yesterday threw Seiler into
a tizzy for neglecting to tell you the inside joke/story behind
the "Effing Magnifier" company name and having possibly offended
you, or at least caused you to reach an incorrect conclusion through
the power of assumption. And now it's a matter of public record that
Seiler was an unwitting tool of YHWH, etc, etc, etc

Anyway, I tried to tell him that it would at least be an interesting
topic for conversation at SPACE and not get all worked up over it,
but, well... you know Seiler:)


Dave called me back almost immediately and instructed me to make a
post to the blogandmail offering his profound apologies to Jeff
Seiler for the misunderstanding. He said he did, indeed, make an
incorrect assumption because Seiler had never told him the origin of
the company name and that the phrase, being obviously Cerebus
related, caused him to reach for what he thought was a likely

No harm. No foul.

On with the show...