Wednesday, January 16, 2008

glamourpuss: Don't be fooled by cheap knock-offs!

Hiya. My name is Margaret and I’ve got to be the luckiest gal on Earth right now.

No, Neve Campbell has not asked me out yet. Not quite that lucky.

Dave sent me a box of glamourpuss goodies in the mail the other day, and asked me to let everyone know what to expect as far as glamourpuss #1 variant editions. And rather then yap about them on my little blog, he asked me to post it to the former Blog & Mail feed, now being used for glamourpuss bulletins.

To go along with being “the high fashion comic book that’s so ‘six months ago’” there is a “fashion industry preview edition” and a “comic industry preview edition.”

The fashion industry preview edition has two variants: both the same other then the cover: one has a platinum seal and the other has a gold seal. They were sent out in mailers with a label on them indicating which type of edition was inside. Each platinum and gold comic has an individual number, which as you can see Dave has labeled by placing a sticker on the back of each comic.

There were approximately 975 platinum editions sent out to various fashion industry VIPs and 250 gold editions that were sent out. Dave says that while there are less gold editions out there then platinum editions, there are more gold editions in the Off White House in their mailing envelopes...

...waiting to go out. If you want one, how do you get one? Find someone with a platinum edition and ask them. Really. Would I kid you?

With the gold seals there is only one difference in them. Dave noticed that the gold seals were split fifty-fifty with regards to the luster: some were dull and others were shiny. The platinum seals were all shiny.

The comic industry preview edition is going out to comic book retailers and is limited to a print run of 4,500 copies. There is an extremely rare variant of this, from Dave: “I found out that Quebecor had moved the deadline for the Jan catalogue back a week because of Christmas and had to scrap all the covers that said January for March shipping and have Lebonfon redo them as Feb for April shipping. I had Patrick bind 10 “Mar” versions…” which he is holding on to for now.

So don’t listen to what the picture for the MAR variant says, glamourpuss will be in the comic shops in April. Unless you know someone in the fashion industry who has one already!